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UPDATE 9/14/2022:

Khentrul Rinpoche has given us permission to begin meeting again!!!

We are just waiting for the new center to be finished and the good news is that completion is just around the corner. Be on the lookout for email announcements providing the date when we can begin practicing together again. We will also send out news of when the Old Saybrook satellite group will begin their practices. Subscribe to our email list if you do not already receive emails from us.

In the interim, please go to the Katog Choling website for information about weekly online practices happening via Zoom.  KATOGCHOLING.COM


No prior meditation experience is required for any of our practices and all are welcome. 

Monday Meditations at 7pm 

TWO LOCATIONS: NEW Location in Guilford, CT !! (to be announced fall of 2022) (Mondays and Thursdays) and in Old Saybrook at 341 Boston Post Road, behind the Joint Effort gym (Mondays only).

  • MEDITATION, Calm Abiding/Shamatha. On alternating Mondays, this silent meditation is open to anyone and everyone in who is interested in meditation. This is open to people new to meditation as well as experienced practitioners. This meditation is called “calm abiding”, or shamatha, and uses either the breath or a mantra as the focal point. As we sit for 35-40 minutes, thoughts begin to subside and a sense of well being arises. (See more instructions here.) 
  • COMPASSION MEDITATION. On alternating Mondays (alternating with Calm Abiding Meditation –see above) at the Guilford center, and on every Monday in Old Saybrook, we do a guided meditation practice called tonglen, which develops greater compassion. (The gathering in Old Saybrook is at 341 Boston Post Road, behind the Joint Effort gym.)  We start by generating a feeling of compassion for someone we deeply love, and then slowly expand that natural compassion to include other people close to us, then to those who are suffering, and even those who we might consider our enemies. This “giving and receiving” as we follow the breath, helps loosen our attachment to our own disturbing emotions. And by training in this perspective, we can gradually change our outlook and transform our lives from the inside out. (See more instructions here.)

Thursday Meditations at 7pm 

  • WISDOM PRACTICE. In this meditation practice, we recite the Heart Sutra and meditate on its meaning. This classic, short sutra contains key Buddhist concepts regarding the true nature of phenomena, including the Four Noble Truths, the skandhas, the cycle of interdependence, and the concept of emptiness: “Form is empty, emptiness is form; emptiness is not other than form, and form is not other than emptiness.” 

Sunday Meditation, 10am to 11:30am 

  • MEDITATION & Listening to a Recorded Teaching by Khentrul Rinpoche    On the first Sunday of each month we gather to meditate and to listen to an audio teaching. This gathering is a nice way for newcomers to be introduced to basic meditation practice, learn a bit about Tibetan Buddhism, and meet the sangha. This event no longer includes a potluck meal.

Live streaming events 

  • Khentrul Rinpoche on occasion give teachings streamed live from his retreat center in Arkansas. Please add your name to the Katog Choling mailing list to get announcements about these online events and dates.